The Experiment- week one

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I was listening to a fascinating podcast today with Dr Neil Barnard, a faculty member at George Washington University School of medicine, about the effects of food on your hormones. As do most western women of ‘a certain age’, I am experiencing certain symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as fatigue, abdominal discomfort et cetera – I’ll let you use your imagination.

So I’ve decided to experiment with a plant-based diet over the next four weeks to see how removing meat from my diet affects my hormone reactions.

Let’s be clear, as much as I love animals, this is not an ethical entanglement I find myself in, it’s purely for health reasons. I do acknowledge that there is an environmentally motivated need to start looking to protein alternatives. I digress…

My plan, so far, is to outline the following:

  • How much protein do I need daily?
  • What foods should I eat to get that protein?
  • How is this going to affect how I feel as I adjust?
  • How do I make sure I’m getting all the other vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) that I will need to stay healthy?

I’ve started keeping a food, exercise and sleep diary so I can track what I’m putting into my body, my energy expenditure and how I’m feeling each day. 

I’ve calculated that 15% of my food intake should be protein – which for my weight, age and activity levels is approximately 55-60g protein per day. 

Right, let’s see how this goes!!

More posts about my Plant-based Experiment to come…

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I am a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and nutritional adviser based in Tunbridge Wells, with a special interest in helping women in their well-being journey from childbearing age through post-menopause. I specialise in helping clients to achieve their goals through a balanced approach to food and exercise, to help them gain a more positive outlook which translates into every aspect of their lives.

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