The Experiment- week 4

Hello lovely readers. I hope this blog finds you all healthy and happy. 

The purpose of this experimental move to a more plant-based diet was to see if it would elicit a hormonal reset. What I’ve realised is that it’s going to take far longer than four weeks to see any appreciative results.

I feel that I’ve gained a new perspective on a plant-based diet and its benefits. This has really changed the way I think about how I eat and fuel my body. I will admit that I struggle to stick to a full plant-based diet – I rely on eggs and dairy for quite a bit of protein, and I do really enjoy some meat in my diet.

My husband and the children are not in the least bit interested in being limited to a plant-based diet – which has also led to some frustration over the last few weeks of evening meals, which is often the only time we sit down all together. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed educating myself on the impact of a plant-based diet on the body and how it could function more efficiently and cleanly, while still getting all the elements necessary to keep me going, especially during more physically demanding days.  And my recipe book has expanded over the last four weeks to include more whole-grain dishes and a wider variety of ingredients that I can use in a more creative way.

I suppose the most valuable thing I’ve gained from this experience is the more comprehensive toolkit with which to help my clients eat healthier and get better results.

Although there haven’t been any life changing results in my physicality, I will continue to eat far more veggie dishes, a lot less meat and see where that takes me.

So, this is my last blog about the experiment for a while – I will give you an update in a month to see if the changes I have made have impacted on the hormonal issues I have been experiencing. I am looking aforward to the long game.

Happy healthy eating!

Published by mibalancedbody

I am a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and nutritional adviser based in Tunbridge Wells, with a special interest in helping women in their well-being journey from childbearing age through post-menopause. I specialise in helping clients to achieve their goals through a balanced approach to food and exercise, to help them gain a more positive outlook which translates into every aspect of their lives.

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